Whilly’s distinguished focus is Resin & Digital Art

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Whilly Bermudez is an accomplished marketer, renowned for his exceptional work in the realms of branding and digital marketing, but his creative prowess extends far beyond those domains. With a career spanning over 20 years, Whilly’s journey initially began in event promotions before evolving into corporate marketing leadership and dedicated services for private clients. However, it is through his unique creativity as a multimedia artist that Whilly’s true artistic expression has flourished, adding another dimension to his illustrious career.

It’s Whilly’s relentless pursuit to take ideas beyond their creative limits know no bounds. As one of the most highly regarded professionals in South Florida and one of the most recognizable names in the industry, Whilly’s focus is to create ‘out of the box’ concepts that continue to set him apart.


Embarking on his remarkable journey, Whilly has orchestrated and brought to life a diverse range of extraordinary marketing campaigns and testimonial videos, earning him resounding acclaim and solidifying his status as one of the foremost industry marketers. Yet, it is within the realm of art that Whilly’s unique brilliance radiates with undeniable allure, captivating the attention of art enthusiasts as more of his creative talents are unveiled. Through his artistic expression, he has discovered a profound sense of purpose and unabated joy, transcending the boundaries of his everyday existence. Exhibiting his work becomes an avenue for him to forge deep connections with others, leaving an indelible impact that extends far beyond any common fulfillment.


Whilly’s artistic style and focus are a harmonious fusion of Resin Art and Digital Art. Renowned for his ability to blend elements from the past and present, he creates extraordinary and distinct pieces by encapsulating them in resin, each work serving as a unique expression of different time periods throughout history.

In his Resin Art creations, Whilly showcases his mastery of combining traditional and contemporary elements. By skillfully encasing objects and materials in resin, he transforms them into captivating pieces that transcend time and evoke a sense of wonder. The interplay between old world charm and modern aesthetics results in visually striking compositions that capture the essence of various historical eras.

Whilly also excels in the realm of Digital Art, particularly in the art form known as “digital photo compositing.” With an unparalleled skill in image manipulation, he seamlessly integrates diverse elements sourced from different images to forge new compositions that possess a spectrum of realism and surrealism. Whether he’s placing individuals or objects in alternative environments, crafting fantastical scenes, or recontextualizing photographs, Whilly’s digital art showcases his adeptness at creating captivating narratives and evoking a sense of intrigue.

Through his combined mastery of Resin Art and Digital Art, Whilly pushes the boundaries of artistic expression, skillfully blending traditional and cutting-edge techniques to create visually stunning and thought-provoking pieces. His distinctive approach captivates viewers, inviting them to explore the intersection of history, imagination, and the digital realm.


Whilly firmly believes that time is our most valuable asset, recognizing that our existence on Earth is fleeting and every moment contributes to shaping our lives. He understands that waiting for a so-called “defining moment” is futile, as all moments have the power to define us. With this perspective, Whilly wholeheartedly dedicates his time to pursuing love, happiness, and leaving a lasting impact on the world through acts of kindness.

Driven by an unwavering desire to uplift others, Whilly actively supports various causes throughout the year, generously donating his resources. One notable example of his philanthropic endeavors is the authorship of a children’s book titled “WB and The 10 Good Things.” For years, he has distributed this book free of charge to schools and homeless shelters, aiming to foster positive values and inspire young children and individuals across the globe.

Through his art, innovative thinking, and unwavering commitment to community-driven philanthropy, Whilly has garnered endorsements from esteemed educational institutions, major newspapers, and reputable organizations. With an unwavering dedication to leaving a legacy of positive actions and notable achievements, Whilly Bermudez embodies a true catalyst for change.