Custom Work

Whilly Bermudez warmly welcomes custom artwork requests, extending his expertise to both his captivating resin and digital creations. Crafting commissioned pieces tailored to your desires, Bermudez’s prices for custom works are influenced by various factors, making an initial consultation an essential step. Please note that there is a nominal fee associated with both consultations and personalized creations.

Among the sought-after avenues for bespoke works is the exclusive ‘ETERNAL TRIBUTES‘ private category. Within this realm, Bermudez skillfully weaves sentiment into resin art, transforming cherished mementos into exquisite memorial pieces. Whether it’s a treasured keepsake of a departed loved one or a tribute to a beloved pet, Bermudez’s artistic prowess knows no bounds.

To commission custom work, please contact us.

If you would like to know more about ‘Eternal Tributes’, please visit our page below: