Payment fraud in the art world is a concerning issue that poses significant challenges to artists, galleries, and collectors alike. With the high value of artworks, fraudsters often see an opportunity to exploit the system. One common form of payment fraud involves counterfeit checks or money orders used to purchase art pieces. In such scams, unsuspecting sellers may receive seemingly legitimate payment, only to discover later that the funds were invalid, leaving them with a loss of both artwork and money. Additionally, online art transactions have become more susceptible to payment fraud, with cybercriminals using stolen credit card information or conducting chargeback schemes.

The art world’s complex and often private nature can make it challenging to identify and prosecute these fraudsters effectively. As art transactions continue to shift into the digital realm, it becomes crucial for all stakeholders to remain vigilant and implement stringent verification procedures to safeguard against payment fraud.

As a result of this, Whilly Bermudez and ‘Art by Whilly’ only accepts Bank Wire Transfers. Once you are ready to place an order, we will provide you with those details.