Let’s start with the most important one first. SAFETY.

Whilly’s Resin Artworks often feature delicate glass shards within his designs. Throughout the creation process, a layer of resin is carefully applied to the glass edges, slightly softening their sharp edges. Despite these efforts, it’s important to note that achieving a completely non-sharp edge on every shard would be impossible. Consequently, some glass pieces may retain sharpness, posing a potential risk of cuts and injuries.

To ensure safety from these captivating art pieces, we strongly advise displaying them in areas with minimal foot traffic and elevating them to a minimum height of 7 feet or more. In certain instances, customers have chosen to encase the artwork within a shadow box for added protection. While we acknowledge that this might slightly alter the visual presentation of the artwork, it remains a viable safety-conscious solution.


If you prioritize safety and wish to explore the shadow box option, we encourage you to visit your local frame shop. There, you can discuss your preference for a shadow box enclosure, allowing the artwork to be showcased in a way that both preserves its allure and minimizes any potential risks.

Whilly and his team are committed to not only delivering aesthetically pleasing pieces but also ensuring your well-being. By considering these safety recommendations and tailoring your display approach accordingly, you can enjoy your artwork with added peace of mind. For example:

Having delved into the intricacies of the glass shards incorporated into select pieces of Whilly’s artworks, let’s now explore the optimal cleaning approaches for these captivating resin creations.

To maintain the pristine allure of resin artworks, it’s recommended to employ a gentle cleaning routine. A lightly dampened cloth, a dry cloth, or even a handheld duster can effectively remove dust and maintain the artwork’s splendor. It’s essential to note that resin artworks are susceptible to accumulating dust over time.

In the interest of preserving the integrity of these pieces, it’s of utmost importance to strictly avoid the use of any chemical cleaning agents. The sensitive nature of resin demands that it remains untouched by harsh chemicals to prevent any potential damage. Furthermore, excessive exposure to heat should be avoided, ensuring that the artwork resides in a stable room temperature environment.

By adhering to these care instructions, you can ensure that your cherished resin artwork remains a testament to artistic beauty while standing the test of time.