SIZE: 20×16
ITEM: #1994-7


Enthroned outside the brand-new Desilu Productions Studios, the comedic luminary Lucille Ball reigns supreme. In her regal repose, she’s surrounded by the gleam of Emmy Awards, her ears swathed in the rhythms of Michael Bublé’s melodies through her Beat headphones. A cherished quote is etched into the fountain behind her, while a subtle glimpse of Desi Arnaz adorns the corner, a silent nod to a shared legacy. Nestled at her side, laughing gas tanks and her trusty iPhone, alongside a testament to her era, cigarettes. This tableau captures the essence of a comedy queen whose influence remains as enduring as her laughter.*The cat is enjoying it all too 🙂

Embark upon a captivating journey into the imaginative realm crafted by Whilly Bermudez, a world where digital art springs to life. Within the confines of “KINGS & QUEENS” collection, Whilly delicately revives bygone legends from the realm of celebrities. Through his adept manipulation of digital design, he breathes eternal life into these cherished icons, bestowing upon them a tribute that transcends conventional artistic boundaries. In this fusion of artistry, recollection, and the tangible, Whilly’s work forms an indelible link between the realms of creativity and existence, leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of memory.

Whilly conjures these digital marvels from the boundless expanse of his imagination, meticulously shaping each masterpiece through the canvas of Adobe Photoshop, without the aid or sway of artificial intelligence. These digital creations, delivered as acrylic prints, are destined to grace living spaces, business domains, and offices with an unmatched blend of style and charm. Each piece carries the unmistakable mark of authenticity, personally bestowed by Whilly’s hand, adding a touch of his artistic essence to every pixel and to every print.


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