Whilly Bermudez and his team do not offer shipping for any of his resin artworks. However, there is a $100 credit that is issued towards any shipping costs.
Or in some cases, we will provide shipping but only contingent on a signed free from liability waiver agreement.

The main reason being is liability. All resin art pieces are highly fragile, and we do not want to be responsible for any damage that may occur during shipping/transit. Art By Whilly encourages our customers to pick up any artwork from our studio in the Miami area of South Florida. However, we realize that this is not feasible for everyone and so we recommend that you use a shipping company that specializes in Art Packing and Shipping. This is of course at your own expense, and we have no formal relationship with any shipping company, but we will list some that are known to the industry for your convenience:

  1. Navis Fine Art Shipping | GoNavis.com
  2. UOVO Premium Storage & Services | Uovo.art
  3. Fine Art Shippers | FineArtShippers.com
  4. Ship Smart Custom Packaging & Shipping | ShipSmart.com
  5. Bellissima Luxury & Fine Art Services | Bellissimafineart.com
  6. Artwork FAS | ArtworkFAS.com
  7. Vulcan Fine Art Transport | VulcanFineArt.com
  8. Crown Fine Art Transport | CrownFineArt.com
  9. Art Shipping International | ArtShipInt.com
  10. Curatorial Fine Art Shipping | Curatorial.com

*Once you choose and enter into an agreement with the Art Shipping company of your choice, you and your contracted company will arrange the pickup of your new artwork with us and we will take photos and videos of its current state so that it is recorded that the piece was in its original condition upon pickup for packing.

**In the unfortunate event, that your new artwork was damaged in transit, we do offer a repair and restoration service. Please contact us for a cost estimate.