SIZE: 20×16
ITEM: #1994-4


In an awe-inspiring twist of time’s fabric, George Washington emerges, seamlessly transported into the modern epoch. Presently, he graces the renowned walkways of Little Havana’s 8th Street in Miami, a sight to behold.

Yet, the scene goes beyond history’s expectations. Amid his noble mission, he masterfully navigates an iPhone, sips on a latte, dons effortlessly stylish hipster attire, and stands ready near his Lamborghini. The Florida license plate, emblazoned with the name “GEORGE,” is a whimsical nod to the temporal paradox. In this surreal tableau, the legacy of a founding father converges with the flair of the modern world, embodying a harmonious blend of eras.

Within the realm of digital art, Whilly unveils yet another mesmerizing collection— “The Presidents Club.” With a profound and respectful touch, Bermudez masterfully resurrects former US Presidents who have passed into history, forging a poignant tribute that defies the constraints of time itself. Each individual piece within this assemblage stands as a testament to Whilly’s skillful artistry and his deep reverence for the leaders who have left an indelible mark on the nation’s narrative. These artworks aren’t merely images; they are potent homages, urging us to delve into the profound legacies these statesmen have left us, while also prompting contemplation of the tantalizing question: “What if their influence still guided us today?”

Whilly conjures these digital marvels from the boundless expanse of his imagination, meticulously shaping each masterpiece through the canvas of Adobe Photoshop, without the aid or sway of artificial intelligence. These digital creations, delivered as acrylic prints, are destined to grace living spaces, business domains, and offices with an unmatched blend of style and charm. Each piece carries the unmistakable mark of authenticity, personally bestowed by Whilly’s hand, adding a touch of his artistic essence to every pixel and to every print.


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