Whilly Bermudez extends a warm invitation to engage in the realm of custom artwork, where his artistic finesse flourishes across both his captivating resin and digital creations. With a dedication to crafting commissioned pieces that resonate with your vision, Bermudez intricately tailors his approach to your aspirations. The pricing structure for these personalized works is thoughtfully influenced by a medley of factors, emphasizing the pivotal role of an initial consultation in the process. It’s important to note that a nominal fee accompanies both the preliminary consultations and the resulting personalized masterpieces, ensuring an uncompromised artistic journey.

Of the distinguished avenues awaiting those seeking tailor-made artistry, the ‘ETERNAL TRIBUTES’ private category stands as a beacon. In this class, Bermudez capably infuses sentimentality into the medium of resin art, turning any special items that once belonged to your loved ones into beautiful memorials. This creative process includes those cherished keepsakes from departed loved ones or beloved pets, showcasing Bermudez’s amazing artistic skills.


Once the consultation with Whilly culminates in a collaborative plan, and the required fee has been paid, the dynamic journey begins. You will have the responsibility of shipping the predetermined items that hold significance to the person or pet for whom the memorial is envisioned. Additionally, a waiver, thoughtfully designed, shall be presented for your acknowledgement. This waiver aptly absolves Whilly from liability pertaining to two distinct scenarios:

a. Any occurrences that lead to the loss of your items during transit or mailing, safeguarding against any unforeseen misfortunes.

b. The possibility of any damage or alterations that may transpire to the entrusted items once the resin application process is initiated, securing a clear delineation of responsibilities.


This comprehensive framework ensures not only the artistic manifestation of your intentions but also fosters an environment of fairness, collaboration, and shared commitment to the profound artistic journey ahead.