SIZE: 20×16
ITEM: #1980-4


– Vintage ViewMaster Set
– Vintage MTV | Beavis & Butt-head Stickers
– Pepsi | Max Headroom Vintage Watch
– Vintage Rubik’s Cube
– Vintage E.T. Toy
– Vintage Pins

Step into a vivid portal of nostalgia with our meticulously crafted resin artwork, a heartfelt homage to the iconic 1980’s American era. This masterpiece encapsulates the essence of a bygone time, seamlessly blending art and history. The piece is a kaleidoscope of vibrant hues, capturing the neon-soaked energy that defined the era. At its heart lies a meticulously embedded back to the future license plate, evoking the thrill of time travel and limitless possibilities. Adjacent, a carefully preserved copy of the original Karate Kid movie stands as a testament to the decade’s cinematic legacy. As light dances across the glossy surface, every angle unveils a treasure trove of authentic artifacts: Rubik’s Cubes, cassette tapes, and retro gaming controllers. This artwork invites viewers to journey through the past, to an era of cassette mixtapes, boomboxes, and leg warmers. It’s more than a piece; it’s a time capsule, a tangible reminder of a cherished period that forever lives on in our collective memory.

Whilly takes these vintage items and uses them to create marvelous works of art for the nostalgic collector. Such pieces will adorn any living, business, or office space with style and charm. Each vintage artwork is handmade and 100% unique. The piece also includes a mark of authenticity and personally signed by Whilly.


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